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Brosco Group

Brosco Group was established in 2008, and since that year our qualified employees accomplished what others said couldn’t be done.

Brosco Group is a dynamic and innovative organization that is committed to providing exceptional industrial solutions to its customers. Composed of several industrial divisions, Brosco Group is home to a team of talented and experienced professionals who are dedicated to identifying and developing opportunities that create value for its customers.


What We Do?

We are professionals who thrive on building creative solutions to bring your vision to life. We combine the right technology with the right team to bring it all together. Our pursuit is your success. You can feel confident because you have an expert at your side – helping you grow into the future.

Installation Services

Help you reduce risk and ensure quality and accuracy, as well as meeting regulatory requirements

Maintenance Services

We are responsible for providing the electrical and mechanical services needed to maintain your company buildings in good working order

Instrumental Solutions

Instrumental solutions provide data acquisition services and equipment for environmental research, and custom design services.

Inspection Services

Fixed or semi-fixed location of the complete system or a self-contained unit, with its accompanying assemblies, accessories, and parts.

Automation Solutions

the leaders are looking to BROSCO as a trusted partner that continuously innovates to help them meet the next big challenge. Our Automation Solutions platform enables us to collaborate across our automation businesses to develop more complete solutions for customers based upon our deep industry experience, and further leverage our global presence, domain expertise and industrial software to help industries achieve key sustainability and operational goals.

Business Opportunity

Brosco Group actively seeks new business opportunities that align with our vision and expertise. We employ a proactive and innovative approach to identify and seize promising ventures that add significant value to our customers. Our dedicated professionals explore untapped markets, establish strategic partnerships, and leverage emerging technologies for growth and success. We believe that every challenge presents an opportunity, and we are committed to delivering exceptional industrial solutions to our valued customers.



Improve reliability to elevate production availability.


Identify threats that may impact the reliability of your control systems, data, and networks.


Maintain the flexibility needed to meet varying product specifications for markets served.


Reduce operational risks while protecting your personnel and assets.

Manage Capital Projects Successfully

Accelerate ROI and confidently achieve project excellence


Improve reliability and ensure consistent performance of your terminals, logistics, and blending operations


Efficiently and cost-effectively increase production flexibility.

Achieve Cost-effective Modernization & Migration

Achieve operational and business success through digital transformation

Reduce Energy and Emissions

Decreasing your energy footprint translates into lower emissions.

Digitalization Industrial Solution

Smart manufacturing solutions can bring new levels of innovation, productivity, and growth to your operations. If applied correctly, they will reduce operational cost, increase asset efficiency and maximize revenue.

The adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies and processes is shifting from being an advantage point to a necessity to stay in the market. No factory can risk being left behind in the transition to smart manufacturing. If a factory fails to innovate its production process, it risks incurring a Cost of Inaction (COI), which is the cost of the lost opportunity. Furthermore, customers are ever demanding faster delivery of tailored solutions, which in turn requires more complex operations. Simply being able to adapt your production levels based on demand to optimize your supply chain is a key competitive advantage.

Our Latest Blog

Brosco Group remains well-informed about the latest news and developments, recognizing the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape. We diligently monitor industry trends, economic shifts, and events to adapt our strategies accordingly. By staying informed, we can proactively identify new opportunities, mitigate potential risks, and ensure that our customers receive cutting-edge industrial solutions that meet their evolving needs. Our commitment to staying abreast of news and global affairs enables us to maintain a competitive edge and provide exceptional value to our clients in an ever-changing world.

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